The Gamechanger: 6 C's to Digital Marketing Success

Discover Your Digital Marketing Score & increase the volume of inbound leads to your business.

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Connect (Step 1)

The degree to which you can connect with your audience will be the first step in developing a high-performing digital marketing strategy. How do you defining your value? Do you understanding your customers an can you communicate your USP?

Create (Step 2)

Offering prospective customers value through content is powerful. Investing time and resources into the creation of content will transform your marketing. Do you offer value through blogs, videos, free resources or podcasts?

Captivate (Step 3)

When considering how to get in front of potential prospects, paid advertising is rising in popularity. Are you using Google Ads or Facebook? Are you clear on which platform is best for your prospects? The scorecard clearly rates where you're strong, and where you need to improve.

Capture (Step 4)

Landing pages, web forms, pop-up boxes - there is a range of ways to capture the contact details of your customers. Improving the performance of these fundamentals can significantly impact how successful your marketing pipeline will be. Are you landing pages fully optimised to capture the details of new prospects?

Converse (Step 5)

Leads that have been nurtured through targeted content have reported increasing final sales of upwards of 20%. Conversing with your prospects via social media and email marketing is worth investing in. Find out how your campaign performs by taking our digital marketing scorecard.

Convert (Step 6)

Businesses that attempt to convert prospects earlier on in this pipeline fail at digital marketing. The sales and marketing functions are different. This is important to keep in mind when converting a prospect into a customer. How does your sales funnel align with your marketing?

Discover Your Digital Marketing Score & increase the inbound leads to your business.

Success requires vision and strategy

Understanding your audience and finding a way to captivate them are fundamental
when creating a strategic digital marketing campaign.


Client Testimonial

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I have experienced a 300% increase in my business turnover as a direct result of these digital marketing principles.  I am a huge fan of this system. Every question makes you think about how you are adding value to your audience and the end result is an actionable report that highlights existing strengths and weaknesses.

Lewis Morton

QQ New York Inc.

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Find out how you fare with connecting with your audience, creating content, captivating attention, capturing new prospects data, conversring and building trust and converting into sales

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Client Feedback

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I didn't know how to begin attracting new business to our firm.  After taking this test we were able to see the bottlenecks in our marketing strategy and make some simple changes within a few days. The structure of this marketing method  truly has been a Gamechanger for us.

Lucinda Smith

Baynes & Smith Legal Ltd
The Gamechanger: 6 C's to Digital Marketing Success

Discover Your Digital Marketing Score & increase the inbound leads to your business.